12 - Repeat these steps for each pier in order to complete the foundation. Easy DIY shed base installation with TRUEGRID ECO. You don’t have to oil, stain or paint them because they’re engineered from durable materials that are built to last. As with any structure it is important to provide a firm, level and square base for your new garden building. Both systems are lightweight, quick and easy to assemble and require no specialist skills. Build your base according to the instructions A shed base kit will come with instructions - follow them to the letter! ecodek® manufacture WPC Composite Decking in UK. Manufactured to be UV resistant, tolerant of extreme temperatures (both high and low) and immune to common garden chemicals, you can be sure that the plastic used in these garden shed base products will last for decades without breaking down. This is a great way of achieving a level base, allowing maximum airflow to keep the underside of the shed floor dry. Product and Installation Guide What is Steel-Deck? Ultrabond ECO 575. For guidance on how to prepare a suitable sub-base please call our helpline. Eco-Friendly Plastic Sheds Base Panels. £123.99. Lay out the membrane Cover the area with the Geo-textile permeable membrane provided. Composite deck boards are a great alternative to timber decking because they require less maintenance. £40.00. Compare Similar Specialty Hardware. After the shed’s construction we purchased some wood anchor screws and wide washers to ensure a good fixing between the sheds base and foundations, increasing overall stability, thus providing sustained defence against adverse weather. Share. (Tanalised timber is guaranteed for 15 years, if carefully treated. We can provide your shed, workshop or studio with strong waterproof and level foundations. When choosing your EcoBase grid system always check the size of area you need and the weight to be placed upon the grid system.. We have two types of grid for you to choose from, both designed to ensure value for money for whatever project you have. Asked by Peter September 11, 2020. Without a suitable base your building will be unstable and deteriorate rapidly. I sited the shed on the base and then built the deck around it. Simply can't find anything negative to say about this product or the service - Awesome! 11 - If you used a J-Bolt: when the cement has dried, secure the post base hanger by orienting the side plates so that the pressure-treated 4” x 4” sits on top. 8x6 garden shed base grid = full eco kit 2.5m x 1.85m + heavy duty membrane plastic eco paving bases & driveway grids Brand: Eco Deck 4.6 out of 5 stars 281 ratings Request a quote or free sample today. Eco Deck Garden Shed Base Grid 8 x 6 Feet Review. Also, it can be reused if the shed is repositioned. Not only is it very efficient, but it won’t be damaged by water nor will it allow grass to go through. Shed Base. £69.99. item 3 shed bases kit + membrane 6x4 8x6 10x6 10x8 12x6 12x8 eco base / greenhouse em 2 - shed bases kit + membrane 6x4 8x6 10x6 10x8 12x6 12x8 eco base / greenhouse em. 3. When a shed settles, it can cause the doors to come out of alignment. all screwed and bolted together to make a solid deck.) Skip to main content.us. We also provide Non-Slip Rubber Shed Flooring Tiles should you want a walkway by your shed. • Sold by Bunnings Special Orders and Trade stores. ProBase can be laid directly onto a sub-base of grass, gravel or bare soil. Our concrete shed base laying services cover North Kent and South East London including Orpington, Bromley, Beckenham, Sevenoaks … Shed Base 6ft x 4ft; Shed Base 6ft x 6ft; Shed Base 7ft x 5ft; Shed Base 8ft x 6ft; Shed Base 8ft x 8ft; Shed Base 10ft x 6ft; Shed Base 10ft x 8ft; Shed Base Accessories; Delivery; Contact Us current product. • Delivered directly to site in 10-15 working days by Stramit Building Products, in kit form. So, you've purchased a garden building from us and you are wondering how to prepare your shed base. Skip to main content. Simply create gaps between the grids and fill the gaps with gravel to support your timbers. From our website you can buy the following; a Plastic Shed Base (from 1 panel to 1,000,000 Panels), Geo-Textile Membrane, Membrane U-Pins and Shed Base Anchors. 12x8 garden shed base grid = full eco kit 3.66m x 2.55m + heavy duty membrane plastic 8x12 feet eco paving bases & driveway grids 4.6 out of 5 stars 41. Deck Bases / Concrete Bases. ... Deck support/ pedestal ECO takes 495lbs in load. Whether it's wood, paving slab or concrete, avoid short cuts that might result in a bumpy or lopsided base. www.shedbase.com For further guidance please call our helpline: 01653 658358 Open 9am – 5pm Mon - Friday Split the base into 2 halves Lay the base in rows with small gaps Our eco shed base products are designed with outside in mind. Description. You can purchase shed-base foundation kits ( This is an Deck blocks make a very stable base, but can be difficult to level if the ground settles; especially once the shed is built. DY13 Forest. It is made to the precise size of the shed floor, and is pegged into the ground and levelled. I noticed the traditional wooden bases were really expensive well over £100 so might go for the cheaper eco base. Wether you have decided build your shed yourself or if you have opted for our installation team to build it for you then you'll will still need to ensure that a proper base is prepared before your new shed arrives. The Plastic Sheds Base Panels offer a very fast installation, they are … The A1BaseKIT is a wooden frame made from pressure-treated timber. A1BaseKIT or Pressure-Treated Frame. This base structure will be raised on to 75x75 (3x3in) tanalised posts sunk and concreted into the ground. Download the base design options for ideas on how to set out your ProBASE. This kit comes with all you need to construct a base for a shed of 8 x 6 feet and additional sizes are available. Base preparation need not be elaborate and alternative materials can be used in some cases. Step 2 - Attach hinges. Eurotec Deck Support Plastic Adjustable Pedestal ECO S base plate - (50-Pieces / Box) $ 106 65 /package. Download. • Designed by Steel-MAX Building Systems. UK-made from 100% recycled plastic and weighing 5kg per m², a plastic shed base is a fantastic alternative to building a concrete shed base. Another potential problem caused by a block foundation is doors that don’t open and close properly. It will weigh approx 2 tonnes. I prefer the advanced method that makes the deck blocks adjustable. These lightweight, but highly durable grids click together to form a firm, strong and long lasting base. Our Deck Base system offers a quick, simple and environmentally friendly foundation solution for your garden office, studio, log cabin or summerhouse.A Deck Base is also an ideal solution for areas where there are access difficulties, ground level problems or where concrete is … The base allows for ventilation and drainage under the shed, helping to keep the shed floor dry. • DIY friendly, certified Steel floor framing system for domestic decks. Fantastic service, great product. Sold. Our range of plastic shed base kits are ideal for creating a permeable, weatherproof base for your shed, summerhouse, greenhouse or other garden building. Storage Shed Foundation Ideas. I ordered it in the afternoon, and it was delivered by 8.30am the next day. Eco deck shed base 8 x 6 brand new. item 2 eco shed base full kit plastic slab base garden shed greenhouse floor grids em 1 - eco shed base full kit plastic slab base garden shed greenhouse floor grids em. A grid system for use as a base for wooden garden buildings that is quick to assemble, easy to use and environmentally friendly. In your case I’d take up the turf to the required depth/size and sink the base into it. If you're using a wooden base, it's advisable to attach the floor securely to the base using the 100mm galvanised (zinc-coated) screws provided.